Ironman 2016 “The Best of Kona”


Ironman 2016 “The Best of Kona”

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My theme for the 2016 Ironman World Championship was “The Best of Kona” The best athletes in the world arrive in Kona every October to compete against each other and themselves.

There are so many things I consider 'the best' in Kona, but here are a few of my favorites... Kilauea, our very active volcano, The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, or “honu”... Mokuaikaua Church, the oldest in Hawaii, our state flower hibiscus, our state fish the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a and finally Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world when measured from the base, home of some of the most advanced telescopes in the world. Also one of the few places where you can snowboard in the morning and surf in the afternoon! I'm so happy to share our “bests” with the rest of the world!

This limited edition giclee on canvas arrives rolled in a tube, or ready to hang. The above measurement refers to the image itself.

Or choose “gallery wrapped” where the canvas is stretched and wrapped around heavy stretcher bars for an “all art, no frame” look. All giclees are coated with w/Eco Print Shield gloss coating to protect your art for years to come.

All limited edition prints are signed, numbered, and limited to 100 editions.

Also available as a matted signed print.

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